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After having spent my school days on the Isle of Man my sister and I returned  to Hong Kong and with my final destination South Africa for the next 26 years. My desire to return to the Island was fulfilled in 2002, and I became re-acquainted with the island and qualified as a Blue Badge Tour Guide in 2013.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the Island I love and am happy working with small or large groups, always taking pride in providing a friendly service. Concentrating on the topics that particularly interest the tour group is extremely important to me, as well as providing  a friendly and bespoke service for any size groups. My  good organizing and planning capabilities are put to good use in my tours.

My interests span the social and economic history of the island. From a community heavily influenced by the monasteries it is certainly fascinating to see how it developed from a largely crofting and fishing society to one that has embraced international trading, tourism and finance.

If you would like to book a tour please contact me or go to the bookings page for my availability. Should you require further services, such as packages including hotel accommodation, heritage and travel passes please let me know.   I have recently completed a genealogy course with Future Learn to aid me in family history research.

Future Learn Certificate for Family History