Jane Hodson returned to her roots on the Isle of Man in 2002 following many years abroad, having schooled there, and such was her love and interest in her own heritage, that she developed an especial interest in the history and culture of the island. She took this interest further and became a Blue Badge Tour Guide in 2013, a formal accreditation from the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

Because of her own personal history and interests, she brings knowledge, a friendly demeanour and keen interest into all her tours, and can interact on a one-on-one basis as well as take on bigger tours with complete ease and professionalism.

All her tours can be tailor-made to suit either smaller private needs or larger groups, with suggestions and realistic time-frames. She brings in a vivaciousness when describing the past histories of the island, from being heavily influenced by the church and the backbone of the crofting and fishing communities, to the modern day international financial hub and tourist destination the Isle of Man enjoys today.

Jane is willing to ‘go the extra mile,’ and is more than happy to recommend further packages including accommodations and travel passes.

For tours and bookings, please contact [email protected] with your specific requirements

Future Learn Certificate for Family History