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About Jane Hodson

Jane Hodson lives on the Isle of Man and is a registered tour guide with the Guild of Manx Registered Tour Guides. She arranges tours all over the island for small to large tours, and is a fully insured driver guide.

The North of the Island

By |2018-02-18T16:03:31+00:00February 18th, 2018|Isle of Man, Videos|

Visitors to the Isle of Man  see the ‘must see’ sights of castles, glens and the main towns and often miss out on the north of the island with its incredible coastlines, glacial plains and vast stretches of pebble beaches and during the late summer is blanketed in purple and yellow of the gorse and […]

Tour Guides and holidays

By |2017-09-07T14:26:17+00:00August 4th, 2017|Douglas Isle of Man, guided tour, Heritage Railways, Isle of Man, Isle of Man Guided tours, Steam Trains|

As a tour guide on the Isle of Man it is amazing how many types of tourists we have coming over, from the regular all round tourist to specialist tours such as heritage railways, walking holidays to dark skies visitors

This year has been remarkable for me with Guided Tours of Mann as I have been […]

Summer is on its way

By |2017-09-07T14:26:18+00:00March 27th, 2017|Isle of Man|

We always know when summer is on its way on the Isle of Man, because the railways tart up the trains and trams and the horses start getting their summer shoes on.  We are so lucky to still have three, yes three different types of heritage railway, and this summer visitors are coming over to […]

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