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Tour Guides and holidays

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As a tour guide on the Isle of Man it is amazing how many types of tourists we have coming over, from the regular all round tourist to specialist tours such as heritage railways, walking holidays to dark skies visitors

This year has been remarkable for me with Guided Tours of Mann as I have been […]

Knockaloe and Pilates

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Today was a memorable day in my life and in many peoples lives as we attended Pilates 1020. A quote below from the Knockaloe site describes perfectly why this event was put on. The turnout was amazing, stood in a field that was once the site of a compound within the camp with […]

Tour Guides and the Isle of Man

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The Isle of Man is becoming increasingly more popular for visitors, for those of you who do not know the island, Guided Tours of Mann can offer you a personalised introduction to the island.  Your visit to the the Isle of Man with your own  tour guide can enchance your visit to the island memorable.

There are a number […]