Earlier this year three really close school friends of mine came over to the island and one of our missions was to go to the Calf of Man as one of the girls is know as the ‘calf baby’ as she was almost born on the Calf,  but that is another story.

We took a boat from Port St Mary and our ‘captain’ asked if we liked bird life, when we all said we did, he took us the the cliffs known as the chasms and showed us the most incredible scenes of nesting birds.  They were guillemots, and we were so entranced with them, on our return from the Calf to Port St Mary, he took us for a second look.

One of the things that we wanted to see, apart from the wonderful landscape views and birdlife, was the puffin colony.  And we almost didn’t as we were looking too hard, and as we were going to the little harbour to get our boat we suddenly spotted them. It was such fun coming across these little ‘puffins’ that had been carefully placed in the hopes that they may attract puffins to return and start a breeding colony.

More details can be found of this enchanting project.