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The sea that surrounds us

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The Isle of Man is a small island and totally reliant on bringing in our mail, newspapers, certain foodstuffs and household products into the island.  Never mind the things like new buses, cars, building materials and so forth.  So we rely on our ferries that travel to and from the island daily to bring us […]

The Magic of this Island

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There are many days go by and I look at the Isle of Man with wonder, as even after all these years it never fails to surprise and delight me.  Today one of the most amazing images on the promenade was a low tide with a sea like glass reflecting the clouds on the horizon. […]

Tour Guides and the Isle of Man

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The Isle of Man is becoming increasingly more popular for visitors, for those of you who do not know the island, Guided Tours of Mann can offer you a personalised introduction to the island.  Your visit to the the Isle of Man with your own  tour guide can enchance your visit to the island memorable.

There are a number […]