Does anyone know why a man in a tractor daily moves all the seaweed into piles. Just for the tide to distribute all over the beach again…..who pays for this ” service ” and what does it actually achieve?

This question has been asked for a number of years, and the question of why we do not harvest the seaweed and use it as in the old days.    In the days when artificial manures were not so largely imported as now, wraick( as the seaweed was called) was very extensively employed by farmers for the fattening of their land.  This was such a natural and free form of fertiliser, but the practice is long gone due to changes in the environment, easy access to fertilisers and new laws regarding hygiene, health and safety.  Jersey has a programme in force for their ‘sea lettuce’ which harvests the seaweed and processes it in a harvester designed in France, taking out any pollutants and making it perfect for use on the lands again.  Lets hope we follow suit.

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