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The neolithic stones

Odins Raven

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The Coat of Arms of the Isle of Man were granted by Her Majesty by Royal Warrant dated 12th July 1996. The Arms are an augmented version of the traditional arms which comprise the Three Legs conjoined on a red shield surmounted by a Crown and with the motto Quocunque Jeceris Stabit underneath.

In heraldic terms […]

Hunt the Wren

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THE age old custom of Hunting the Wren will be kept alive across the Isle of Man on Boxing Day.

‘In origin the Hunt the Wren may be related to the performances of the Christmas mummers, the White Boys and the Mollag Band, who […]

Knockaloe and Pilates

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Today was a memorable day in my life and in many peoples lives as we attended Pilates 1020. A quote below from the Knockaloe site describes perfectly why this event was put on. The turnout was amazing, stood in a field that was once the site of a compound within the camp with […]

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