The Isle of Man is a small island and totally reliant on bringing in our mail, newspapers, certain foodstuffs and household products into the island.  Never mind the things like new buses, cars, building materials and so forth.  So we rely on our ferries that travel to and from the island daily to bring us our supplied.

Unfortunately last night the wind was so strong that it buffeted our ferry and it crashed into the passenger arrival part of the pier.  Fortunately no one was hurt, but the boat had some damage done to it, so it was unable to sail that night and bring in all the goodies for our local shops.  Marks and Spencer’s was a bit short short today on the Valentine dinners and fresh produce.  But compared to what could have happened it is a small price to pay, as no one was hurt and the damage was not too bad.

We have and always will rely on the sea, the weather and the tides, but the people of the island know this and take each day as it comes.


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